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20th International Rock Art Congress IFRAO 2018

VALCAMONICA Darfo Boario Terme (BS) Italia 29 Agosto - 2 Settembre 2018

A northerners view on rock art. Aspects, mobility and materiality on the Scandinavian Rock Art Johan Ling, Jan Magne Gjerde (E-mail contact:

Advances in Rock Art Research from the Kimberley, North-West Australia Peter Veth, Jane Balme, Sue O’Connor (E-mail contact:;;

And the Holocene arrived: Post Palaeolithic Rock Art around the World Hipólito Collado Giraldo, José Julio García Arranz, Manuel Bea (E-mail contact:

Anthropomorphic images in rock art G. Terence Meaden, Herman Bende (E-mail contact:

Archaeoacoustics for rock art studies Steven J. Waller, Legor Reznikoff (E-mail contact:;

Challenges and changes for rock art research in the digital age Julian Jansen van Rensburg. Bernadette Drabsch, Rebecca Döhl (E-mail contact:;;

Cultural context and significant of Eastern Polynesia and Easter Island‘s rock art and pictographs Patricia Vargas Casanova, Claudio Cristino-Ferrando (E-mail contact:

Current Research in the Rock art of the Eastern Sahara Paolo Medici, Maria Carmela Gatto, Paweł Lech Polkowski, Heiko Riemer, Frank Förster (E-mail contact:;;;;

Distribution, chronology and territoriality of upper Palaeolithic rock art. New discoveries and new approaches towards a review of the the phenomenon Dario Sigari, Marco Garcia Diez, Valerie Feruglio (E-mail contact:;

Experiences of Colonisation: Rock art as a ‘subaltern’ narrative of Indigenous and First Nation Peoples lived experiences during colonial times Daryl Wesley, Chris Buco, Jane Fyfe (E-mail contact:;;;

Inscriptions in rock art Stefania Casini, Angelo Eugenio Fossati, Blanca María Prósper, Joan Ferrer i Jané, Mohammed Maraqten (E-mail contact:;;;

The history of rock art research Jamie Hampson, Joakhim Goldhahn (E-mail contact:

Made for being visible. Developing 3D methodologies for the study of rock art carvings. Managing suitability in sites with Rock Art Miguel Carrero-Pazos, Benito Vilas-Estévez, Alia Vázques-Martínez (E-mail contact:;;;

Managing sustainable rock art site Tiziana Cittadini, Ramon Montes, Luis Jorge Gonçalves (E-mail contact:;

Mens simbolica (Symbolic mind): questions on the mythic-symbolic process, from prehistory to the present day Umberto Sansoni, Pier Luigi Bolmida, Federico Mailland, Gabriella Brusa Zappellini (E-mail contact:; Modern (re)uses of rock art: art, identity and visual culture Andrzej Rozwadowski, Jamie Hampson, Marta Smolinska (E-mail contact:;;

New research in the rock art traditions of the Alps Andrea Arcà, Angelo Eugenio Fossati, Damien Daudry, Silvia Sandrone (E-mail contact:;;;

“On the shoulders of giants”. People and Oral history in Rock-art Mila Simões de Abreu, Pamela Smith, Guillermo Munoz, Cristina Gastaldi (E-mail contact:

Pastoral Graffiti. Old World case studies in interpretative ethnoarchaeology Giovanni Kezich, Marta Bazzanella, Silvia Sandrone, Adriana Gandolfi (E-mail contact:;;;

Pigments: from science to art Ana Isabel Rodrigues, José Mirão, Peter Vandenabeele (E-mail contact:

Public policies and rock art, between research and preservation Valerie Feruglio, Nathalie Fourment, Jacques Jaubert, Roberto Ontañon Peredo (E-mail contact:;

Recent research developments in rock art research in the Middle East, Caucasus and neighbouring areas Angelo Eugenio Fossati, Mohammed Maraqten, Dario Sigari (E-mail contact:;;

Recent Rock Art Research in North America Mavis Greer, James D. Keyser, Jack Brink (E-mail contact:;

Representations and Symbolism of Death in Rock Art Larissa Mendoza Straffon, Roberto Martínez González (E-mail contact:;

Representations of weaponry and tools in prehistoric, protohistoric and traditional tribal communities: an approach by archaeology and anthropology Ana M. S. Bettencourt, Hugo Aluai Sampaio, Manuel Santos-Estévez, Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro, Alessandra Bravin (E-mail contact:;;;

Rock art - reflections of a cultural heritage Suely Amancio Martinelli, Suely de Albuquerque, Carlos Xavier de Azevedo Netto (E-mail contact:;; Rock Art and Ethnography Claire Smith, Sally K. May, Ines Domingo (E-mail contact:;

Rock art and human use of space in desert landscapes: a comparative perspective Guadalupe Romero Villanueva, Zaray Guerrero Bueno, Marcela Sepúlveda (E-mail contact:

Rock Art and World Heritage Sally K. May, Jan Magne Gjerde, Paul S.C. Taçon (E-mail contact:;;

Rock Art for Bio Cultural Diversity Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty, Sarit Chaudhury, Banshidhar Malla (E-mail contact:

Rock art in the Italian peninsula and islands: issues about the relation between engraved rocks, symbols, mountain areas and paths Renata Grifoni Cremonesi, Anna Maria Tosatti, Anna Depalmas, Françoise Lorenzi (E-mail contact:;

Rock art in landscape of motion Paweł Lech Polkowski, Heiko Riemer, Frank Förster (E-mail contact:;;

Rock Art Science Robert G. Bednarik, Giriraj Kumar, Tang Huisheng (E-mail contact:;;

Rupestrian archaeology, questions & answers: tools, methods and purposes Andrea Arcà, Yang Cai, Paolo Medici, Giulia Rossi, Manuel Santos-Estévez (E-mail contact:;;;

Rupestrian expressions in historical periods Federico Troletti, Philippe Hameau (E-mail contact:

Recurrent themes in world Rock-Art Michel Jusmand, Pedro Paulo Funari (E-mail contact:;

Sex, drugs and rock & roll Mila Simões de Abreu, Cristiane Buco (E-mail contact:;

Shared traditions and cultural diversity in the Prehistoric Mediterranean Rock Art Maria Giuseppina Gradoli, Guillaume Robin, Claudia Defrasne (E-mail contact:;;

Statue-stele in Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean basin Stefania Casini, Angelo Eugenio Fossati, Marta Diaz-Guardamino (E-mail contact:

Stylistic groups and social portrait at the dawn of complex societies Luis C. Teira Mayolini, Roberto Ontañón Peredo, Marta Díaz-Guardamino, Pablo Arias Cabal (E-mail contact:;

"Things" in rock art of the world Mila Simões de Abreu, Luis Jorge Gonçalves, Angelo Eugenio Fossati (E-mail contact:

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